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Why Wallerstein was wrong on relocations

An interesting academic article arguing that empiral evidence shows that children whose parents relocate are disadvantaged.  Article summary:
    "Relocation cases, in which a divorced parent seeks to move away with the child, are among
the knottiest problems facing family courts. The recent trend is to permit such moves, largely
because of Wallerstein’s (1995) controversial amica curiae brief, which a recent court
(Baures v. Lewis, 2001) interpreted as supporting the conclusion that “in general, what is
good for the custodial parent is good for the child” (p. 222). The current study provides the
first direct evidence on relocation by dividing college students into groups on the basis of their
divorced parents’ move-away status. On most child outcomes, the ones whose parents moved
are significantly disadvantaged. This suggests courts should give greater weight to the child’s
separate interests in deciding such cases."
Download jounal_of_fampsyrelcoation2003.pdf


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