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Successful Children of Divorce

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IStock_000007308947XSmall_opt(2) Our current president, Barack Obama, is the second president (after Gerald Ford) to have experienced the divorce of his parents. It is possible, as this Huffington Post article points out, that Obama learned from this experience how to navigate difficult situations with grace:

Indeed, most divorces require negotiation, compromise and agreeing to disagree. You learn the importance of being reserved and reflective vs. being rash. And why perhaps he likes being No Drama Obama.

During the times that Obama was growing up, divorce - and bi-racial children - were not the norm. Yet Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, handled these "problems" with grace and dignity. She was a positive person who taught her children how to navigate difficult waters without becoming overwhelmed. Instead of focusing on past wrongs or current difficulties, Obama's mother chose to focus on a brighter future.

The qualities that Obama learned from his mother are reflected in how he has run his life and - most recently - how quickly he was able to overcome differences with Hillary Clinton to select her as Secretary for the Department of State. 

A great leader is someone who can think long term and put petty personal issues aside. These are the same qualities that parents going through a divorce can teach their children.

Conclusion: Divorce is incredibly difficult and painful for everyone involved. However, if handled properly, divorce can teach children the necessary skills for a successful future.