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India woman 'divorce scam' arrest

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By Sanjay Dasgupta 
BBC News


Indian police have arrested a woman who is alleged to have tricked a number of men into marriage only to get a divorce and extort large sums of money.

The woman, from the city of Mumbai (Bombay), is said to have threatened each husband with lawsuits, alleging that she had been harassed for dowry.

The woman and her parents were arrested in the southern city of Bangalore.

The woman's lawyer has denied the charges, saying that her client had married just once, not nine times.


In a culture where women are often on the receiving end of marital harassment, this case is novel - a 26-year-old woman arrested on allegations she had tricked a number of rich businessmen into marriage, only to file for divorce after a few weeks and demand large sums of money.

Each time, she is alleged to have threatened the husband with a lawsuit unless she was paid off, on accusations that she had been harassed for a dowry.

One of the men lodged a complaint with the police, accusing the woman and her parents of threatening and harassing him.

His lawyer said the complainant was the woman's ninth husband and that she had demanded a large amount of money from him.

The woman has been remanded in police custody by a court in Mumbai until her case comes up for a hearing on Thursday.

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Oh how many times I fed meal-hunters and oh how many times cash has disappeared from my pockets overnight stolen NOT by whores, but by my so-called girlfriends.... and I was through a divorce where I lost everything to her with a help of her feminist judge. And oh how good are women (scammers) at begging for money... Modern women are such scammers.... No wonder the world is going down the toilet as birthrates are declining in so-called rich countries which produce huge amounts of greedy and corrupt women thieves. No wonder men no longer are interested in marriage....

I am a man in Mumbai India, my wife has been mistreating me from last 25 years because I am not good looking handsome, belong to a lower middle class keralite family my family is still poor my Mother is bed ridden she is put in a old age home I want to give all attention, I am earning a very handsome salary stndard of living of my wife and children is very high, put up a business for her and children they live in ac car and big flat .and my mother is suffering without a home Personally I am not happy with married life we are married for last 25 years am the one one who is suffering with this relation, want to have a new life a partner of my choice, my children are 23yrs and 20yrs old, I love them they are with the mother and want me to lead the life as per their wish no matter what happens. I am from India

Please help me !! I am a sad man, when i look at other couple I feel so lonely and alone I am 50 years old still I am searching for a peaceful life, is there any way to survive, My wife is not ready for mutual consent.

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