Indian woman divorces over husband's soap opera ban
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Woman denied divorce after judge refused to measure husband’s penis!

Kuala Lumpur, Oct 3 (ANI): A Taiwanese woman, who reportedly asked for divorce from her husband because his penis was too long, has been refused after a request to measure the man’s manhood was denied.

According to the Sin Chew Daily, which quoted a newspaper report from Taiwan, the woman, in her second attempt to divorce her husband, said that she had to bear with the pain whenever she had sex with him.

When the matter was brought up in the court recently, the judge called in a doctor to determine the length of the man’s penis.

The request was, however, denied as the length of a man’s intimate part was “very subjective”, and the judge rejected the woman’s petition and ordered her to return to her husband.

The woman said that they were married in 1995, and she applied for a divorce 10 years later, but the application was rejected the first time, though the reason for it was not very clear.

“I have never measured it before,” the Star Online quoted the man as saying about the complaints his wife made regarding the length of his penis. (ANI)[NF]

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That has to be one of the strangest grounds upon which to base an application for a divorce. The world is getting crazier by the day.

This looks like a pretty strange case of divorce. Los Angeles County sure is interesting.

Hopefully this won't happen to me and my life partner whom I met through an executive matchmaker. This case is really crazy.


LOL.. That's quite funny.. :)

This sounds fantastic ! I honestly can’t wait I hope there isnt too much wait for it to be shown in the UK but the second it does you can count on me watching it.

Best Attorney

what a crazy case is this. LOL

This is definitely a strange case. She should be thankful that it was that long. She should work on with his husband, they both should talk about this.

I'm absolutely loving books that evoke raw emotion. I've seen some author's successfully go this route. I just popped over from Evinda Lepins' blog. An author who also reaches readers through the truth of tragedy and the light of hope.

That is quite the headline, thats for sure. How come I never see the fun cases in court?

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