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According to TMZ Court issues to warrant to Mel GIbson

This frrom TMZ which states,"TMZ broke the story ... none other than Judge Scott Gordon signed the L.A. County Sheriff's Department warrant allowing investigators to seize Oksana's computer. Under the law, Judge Gordon can sign the warrant only if he believes there's reason to believe information in the computer will prove she tried extorting Mel.

This is really interesting for the family law case -- Oksana is before a judge who has more than a hunch she committed a crime."  See moreTMZ article

Los Angeles Superior Court announces layoffs and courtroom closures

The Los Angeles Superior Court system announced today that it's laying off more than 300 employees and closing 17 courtrooms. It's the system's latest attempt to deal with a budget crisis.

The court system is grappling with a budget deficit of $79 million in fiscal year 2009-10. Presiding Judge Charles "Tim" McCoy, Jr. announced the cutbacks in a courtroom the system closed months ago to save money.

"Today is a sad day for the employees of this court, and it is a dark day for justice in Los Angeles," McCoy said.  See rest of article KPCC Closure of family courts

Los Angeles DIvorce Attorney

In California: Jewish "Gets" are not marital property

In the case of IRMO Kin ( unpublished opinion of District 2, DIvision 1 (Filed August 10, 2010), the Court of Appeal held that a "Get" is not a community or quasi community asset so that when the husband demanded money to deliver a "get" this was not evidence of its value. Why the Court of Appeal issues an unpublished opinion on this issue which means that it cannot be cited in Court and has no precedential value is a mystery. It means that the issue is not closed. The Court also did not discuss whether not issuing a "get" might have an impact on spousal support since the Court is requires under Family Code 4320 to consider the balance of the hardships and any other factors which are just and equitable.