Irreconcilable differences at the end of the day: Men, women and housework
Couple who robbed a bank to pay for their wedding trip are headed to prison

Voters are interested in marital matters

Take a look at this New York Times article about the role of marriages in the upcoming 2012 elections-

Cheri Daniels, whose aversion to politics appears to be the reason her husband, Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, is dithering about running for president, had no shortage of stories during her much-hyped speech in Indianapolis last week. There was the one about her driving a dump truck, the one about how she attended a senior citizen’s prom, about how she took a prize for cow milking at the state fair.

But the story Mrs. Daniels did not share is the one that politicos and pundits are dying to hear: the one about how she married her husband — twice.

Mrs. Daniels is the subject of intrigue over an episode nearly two decades old: In 1993, she left her husband and four daughters and moved to California to marry another man — only to remarry Mr. Daniels in 1997. And so she is the latest example of a political wife dealing with delicate marital matters, and whether it is possible to keep them private.

Her story is already being twinned with that of Callista Gingrich, third wife of Newt Gingrich, whose admissions of infidelity are well-known. And if either woman needs a kindred soul, she might look to Maria Shriver, California’s former first lady. Last week, four months after her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, left office, the couple announced they were separating — a move perhaps unthinkable had he still been governor.

Conventional political wisdom dictates that politicians do not win or lose elections because of their spouses. But political couples with iffy marital histories face especially difficult questions: How much do they have to reveal to voters? And how much, in the end, do voters really want to know?  See the article.

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