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Wheel of Fortune Winnings Split 50-50 in Divorce

The Seattle Times has an article about a Wheel of Fortune jackpot won after divorce papers were filed, but while the couple was considering reconciliation:

Scott Dole might have won $51,600 on "Wheel of Fortune," but the number dwindled to $25,800 on Wednesday, a judge decided.

Dole and his wife, Carrie, were embroiled in a contentious divorce battle over, in part, Dole's winnings on the hit game show. The issue was whether the money was community property, and, therefore, should be subject to the state's community-property law mandating equal separation of assets, or whether it was just Scott Dole's property.

The husband and wife went to trial Wednesday before Clark County Superior Court Judge James Rulli. Testimony took most of the day.

Rulli decided that even though Carrie Dole had filed for divorce well before the show, the couple were reconciled at the time of filming, so the winnings were property.  Read the rest of the article.

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