This Judge is not fit to be on the bench hearing family law cases
Only in France

How much praise should we give our kids



The same day that I read the above report in the Onion, I was listening to this wonderful show on NPR involving a discussion with Carol Dweck, a professor of Psychology at the StanfordDepartment of Pscychology.  Her research, real this time, found that kids who were given kudos for their effort (you tried really hard) as opposed to their sense of self (you are really smart) had higher self-esteem and were more motivated.  She has some interesting thoughts on the 7th grade wall about smart kids who coast through school up to that point and find that they have to suddenly work harder to learn.  Listen to the show.Professor Dweck also has a great site and all her articles can be downloaded as PDF's.  Go to her site.





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