Can You Really Parent Long Distance?
New York Times: In Interrogations, Teenagers Are Too Young to Know Better



This video provides a useful example of mediation and negotiating. 1. The argument is really about perception and the use of language. They are both talking about the same thing. A good mediator will help the parties speak the same language and get everyone on the same page. 2. The boy expresses someone else's viewpoint - his mom's. When two parents are negotiating it is helpful if the dialogue focuses on their needs and concerns instead of enlisting other family members. 3. The conflict spirals with finger pointing, never a good technique in mediation, whether it is real or metaphorical. 4. Sometimes it's good to have a reality check and go outside and see if its actually raining. 5. When the boy tells the girl you poked my heart, he's telling her a fact and how he feels hurt. The children move closer and are on the path to reconciliation.


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