LA Dodgers Bankruptcy

LA WEEKLY reports: "Just when you think Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has hit rock bottom, he always seems to find a way to dig deeper and darker.

First, the divorce with Jamie, and her threats to take the Dodgers right down with her balding ex. Then, the beating of a Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium -- largely blamed on McCourt's lack of security on the premises. Then, his threat to hold the stadium's parking lots hostage if Major League Baseball tried to seize the Dodgers from his gooby grasp. (We're definitely forgetting one somewhere in here.)

And this morning, again, a new low. McCourt, unable to provide his ballplayers their paychecks (Manny Ramirez alone has a $21 million IOU), has taken the Dodgers to bankruptcy court."  Read the rest of the article here.

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